Take A Look At The Inner Workings Of A Gundam With This Great Model Kit

Anyone who's put together a Gundam Model kit know that the models usually house a lot of little pieces and articulation joints within the plastic shell — but this new one tries to show you what would be underneath the armour of an actual Gundam, and looks pretty fabulous while doing so.

Based on the iconic RX-78-2 from the original Gundam anime, Mobile Suit Gundam, the 1/144 scale model uses translucent plastic for the robot's armour pieces to let you peek in and not find the usual inner model kit pieces, but the robotic armature of the Gundam itself. Even the weapons get an x-ray-style treatment, so you can see everything from the inner wiring of the shield to the individual rockets waiting to be loaded into the missile launcher. That's great.


It's a great idea (I'm sure avid Gunpla fans will point out in the comments if it's been done before), and the effect is cool. It could've just been a translucent model and still looked great, but going through the effort of putting the internal frame is a lovely touch.

But alas, if you want this lovely little kit, it's going to be difficult to get. It's exclusive to the upcoming Art of Gundam Exhibition, and it won't even be available for sale at the exhibit: it's exclusively a gift you get for ordering a special ticket between April and July, which will set you back 4,500 yen (around $37). Not bad for a cool toy and entry to an exhibit full of lovely Gundam art!

The Art of Gundam Exhibition begins this July at the Mori Arts Centre in Tokyo.


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