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Take a Wingtip Ride Aboard Russia's Baddest Supersonic Jet

When foreign military aircraft stray too close to a nation's borders, they're often swiftly met by the local air force's fleet of interceptor aircraft—fast-moving dogfighters built to meet, greet, and then blow invading planes out of the sky. While the US relies on the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and F-22 Raptor to defend its airspace, the Russian's field the equally-capable MiG-31.


In this unique film by documentarian Artur Sarkisyan, GoPro cameras are affixed to various parts of a MiG-31 using specially designed mounts capable of enduring the massive stresses that these planes generate while in flight. And for a plane that tops out at mach 2.83, it's a minor miracle that these cameras survived the entire flight. Skip ahead to the 1:30 mark to see these incredible aircraft cruising and banking in formation.

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"equally capable" (to the F-22/F-18)

Now, I'm as against the over-encroachment of the military industrial complex as the next bleeding-heart liberal... but I'm sure this thing is fast, and it really is an impressive machine, but the advantage of having the world's biggest (by far) military budget (MURICA#1, USA USA) is that it generates avionics systems that simply can't be matched by other country's development groups. As with anything else American, the only threat to our jets... is our jets (usually from lack of oxygen).