Take Your Cramming to the Next Level With a Clever Tri-Tipped Highlighter

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It’s that time of year when students start to prepare for their annual migrations back to their respective institutes of learning. And as you start to amass all of your school supplies, consider these ingenius Beetle Tip 3-way highlighter pens from Kokuyo.


So why would you go to the trouble of having a highlighter imported from Japan when your local Staples carries the traditional chisel-tip design? Kokuyo’s highlighters introduce a pair of tips, thick and fine, letting you jot notes, highlight or underline sentences, or mark text above and below with a pair of parallel lines.

With three highlighting methods at your disposal you can set up your own studying priority system, or, more likely, expand your artistic doodling repertoire when you’re procrastinating instead of studying. [Cult Pens via Fancy]