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If your meat could talk, it would probably scream in a high pitched voice about the cruelty of slaughterhouses, the pain of being cooked on the grill, and the indignity of being eaten by a chubby guy in an A1-stained "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. Which is why there's no technology out there to give a voice to the silent meat population, natch.

What there is technology for is a thermometer that talks to tell you when your meat is done being cooked. The Oregon Scientific Talking Wireless BBQ/Oven Thermometer proves that the pleasant sounds of "Your rare steak is done" are much nicer than the disembodied screams of a slaughtered bovine. What's even nicer is that you can have it tell you that your food is ready in Spanish, German, French, or even Danish if you so desire. Jeres kød er beredvillig!


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