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Tank Case: Watch the iPhone 4s Survive a Vicious Hammer Blow

Mil-Spec cases have been around for a while, but the Tank Case is ridiculous. Case Mate is so sure of the Tank's toughness that it hired third-party testers to subject a Tank-protected iPhone to a grueling, cringe-inducing battery of tests. To the Thunderdome!


The Tank looks pretty rugged—but how do we know for sure if it's ready for the daily trials of urban warfare unless we watch a video of said case defending an iPhone from implements of torture? It survives a brutal metal ball drop to the screen, and a violent impact on all sides from a terrifying hammer table. Now that's convincing. Case Mate claims the tests show their case is 2.5 times more impact resistant than the (unnamed) competition, and that the Tank measures up to DOD standards for protection against drops. Which sounds great and all, but could we get back to the breaking things now?

Illustration for article titled Tank Case: Watch the iPhone 4s Survive a Vicious Hammer Blow

If you own an iPhone, you're going to drop it, and one of those times you drop it, the screen is going to break—even if you're not clumsy. If you're a drunken butterfingers? It's over. If you're the kind of person who knows you need to save your phone from yourself, the $60 might just be worth it. [CaseMate]

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I'm not a big fan of cases on my iphone. (Why hide it's beauty?) I'm also not prone to ever dropping any of my gadgets though. I still like this case for when I go hiking though. There's been times where I've almost caught my phone slipping out my pocket, or times where I've slipped off a rock and fell, and have landed on my phone praying it wasn't cracked. That's the only logical use I can think of for me buying this case.

I've also seen Woot do CaseMate deals once in a while, I may have to wait and then pick one up when I can get it a little cheaper.