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Target Selling Pre-Owned iPods, TVs and Game Consoles for Sorta Cheaper

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After realizing lots of customers bring back perfectly good electronics, Target's deciding to resell the unloved-but-working wares at (slightly) discounted rates online. Up for sale in the pre-owned aisle are TVs, iPods and game consoles that have been checked and refurbed by a third party. Only problem is that so far it looks like Black Friday mania's a better bet: Consoles are vapor, most HDTVs are cut less than $100, and none of the iPod deals are stellar. But! You can get a 3rd-gen iPod or iPod mini for $140, which is actually pretty cool for nostalgia, if not a killer deal. [Target via Yahoo!/Reuters, Flickr]