Target to Sell Classic Arcade System

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BigGames Home Video Arcades will be selling a full standup arcade unit in Target stores for the holiday season. The unit itself stands a full 62 inches tall and includes a full-color monitor and will be going for $500. Unfortunately this monitor is a bit smaller than the standard arcade machine monitor. There are also extra A/V input cables to attach any other kind of home entertainment system to it.

Each unit plays 12 of the original arcade versions of the most popular Midway games including: Defender , Defender II, Robotron , Joust , Bubbles , Splat , Sinistar , Rampage , Rootbeer Tapper , Wizard of Wor , Timber , and Satan's Hollow (WHAT!!?).


Now where is the hell is my Galaga. Could be a good gift for Dad, but if you get your kid this instead of an Xbox 360 (which is the same price) expect to be hated for life.

Classic Stand-Up Arcade for $499 []

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