What's not ideal for Target is you walking into one of their local stores, testing all of the camcorders, and then buying your pick on Amazon because it's almost inevitably cheaper there. That's called showrooming, and Target isn't taking that guff anymore. If possible. Please?

To combat the problem Target is turning its holiday price-matching policy, which started in November and ended on December 16, into a permanent fixture. The company will now match online prices from retailers like Amazon.com, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. That way, if you're already in a Target anyway, you can get what you want at the lowest price without having to wait or risk shipping damage.


Best Buy had a similar price matching promotion for 20 online retailers that will run through January 31, and Target's biggest competitor, Walmart, price matches against other physical stores, but not online sellers. [USA Today]

Photo: Patrick Hoesly/Flickr