Target's Holiday Hack Apology Email Looks Like Another Hack

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Target's heart may be in the right place, but its latest blunder in the holiday hacking fiasco proves that the company still has quite a bit of learning to do when it comes to restoring consumer confidence. Lesson number one: If you're going to make a conciliatory gesture through email, for god's sake, don't make it look like spam.

This is one lesson Target seems to be learning the hard way, though, as a recent email to its customers of the past year proves. In the letter, Target offers apologies for the vulnerability that compromised so many of its "guests" data and "one year of free credit monitoring" through "Experian's® ProtectMyID® product which includes identity theft insurance where available." What's more, Target decided to to use a third party data management company that sends emails on behalf of corporations to customer interaction. The email was sent from The domain, of course, does not actually exist.


The thing is, this isn't a spam email. The offer is logged on Target's website containing information about the hack. So while consumers needn't worry that this free year is coming care of the ever-storied Nigerian prince with bank account issues, this email doesn't do a great job instilling confidence in Target's online privacy knowhow. But hey, at least you get a free year of credit monitoring... probably. [Business Insider]