Killing Them Safely is a documentary taking issue with the ‘less than lethal’ part of Taser’s stun guns. It’s been critically acclaimed by the New York Times and Hollywood Reporter, but Taser’s employees have not-so-anonymously been taking to the internet to pan the movie.

The film’s directors have published a series of tweets alleging to show negative reviews left by Taser employees on iTunes and Amazon video:

Some of the reviews appear to be outright lying (“I’m kind of indifference to Taser devices”), while others simply choose to pan the movie outright. The offending reviews appear to have been removed since, although the screenshots are of very real LinkedIn accounts.


Taser, for its part, didn’t deny the accusations, telling Forbes that “I can’t control our employees in what they do in their off hours any more than I can tell a police officer when to use a Taser…. Does anyone in their right mind think that anybody that works at Taser would like this documentary?”

In any case, the fake-review trolling seems to have backfired: Killing Them Softly is sitting pretty with five-star reviews on Amazon and iTunes.