Tasers Include Hidden Feature: Set Suspects on Fire

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Poor Officer Lanham of the Lancaster PD: A day after he got his shiny new Taser he had to go through some additional training. Turns that firefighting skills are a must after tasering a guy who'd been huffing keyboard cleaner.

It's no wonder that Daniel Wood looks terrified in his mugshot. He'd just been shocked and set on fire after all he wanted to do was get a cheap high (and maybe nibble on a cop or two). The article switches back and forth on whether it was a Taser or a stun gun that was used on Wood, but it explains that:

The makers of stun guns warn that such fires are extremely rare but a risk nonetheless, and Lancaster's written policy for the department's seven new Tasers says that the devices shouldn't be used when flammable materials are evident.


Apparently this isn't the first time use of a Taser ended with a fire either. According to the article, some guy in Australia decided to run toward police officers after pouring gasoline on himself and a tasering later: Kapoosh! Flames. In that case it makes perfect sense that a fire could start, but Wood only huffed a bit of keyboard cleaner. How could that be sufficient for combustion? [Dispatch via Obscure Store]