Team Fortress 2 Recreated With Nerf Guns Looks Like Too Much Fun

“Your friends are all dead” isn’t something anyone wants to hear.

In this video, the cartoony world of Valve’s free-to-play team-based shooter is brought into the real world with the help of Nerf guns, slick choreography, and a little computer magic. VFX company CorridorDigital pits a hopelessly outmatched Red team against a hoard of Blues. Red’s defending a shopping cart, and Blue’s on the hunt. While not canonically accurate, the video definitely taps into the game’s core sense of slapstick weirdness.

Our heroes return the cart to the front of the store, as any self-respecting shopper would, leaving a sea of foam darts and vanquished enemies in their wake.

So uh, who has a lot of Nerf guns they don’t mind lending out? Even without the help of CGI this looks like a great way to kill an afternoon.


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