Tec Toy Puts a Sega Genesis in Your Pocket, Cheer in Your Soul

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The Sega Genesis may well be the greatest gaming platform, ever. Who cares about online gaming, does anything beat a session of Sonic 2? Tec Toy knows the Genesis console rocked, so they are shrinking it and making it kinda pocket-sized.

The device, packed with retro gaming orgasmic material, will retail for around $100, but will only be available to those lucky Brazilians. The 20 games that are loaded on it will include Alex Kidd, Golden Axe, Ecco and obligatory Sonic titles (among others). It is not all good news though; there is no way to add new titles, $100 is a little steep and you could probably get an emulator to carry out a similar task. What the hell, these novelty devices cannot but help to put a smile on our faces, and a little cheer in our cynical souls. We'll look past the non-rechargeable 3 x AAA batteries included and dream of all the good times, when we were 3"0' tall and battling a blue superhero hedgehog through the Green Metropolis. A blue superhero hedgehog...how high were they? [Retro to Go]

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@izim1: @Rhainor:

Yeah, friend of mine still has his Nomad. Thing is HUGE, and does indeed eat batteries. I never had one, I had a Game Gear though, still do. I thought that thing was big, but the Nomad is even bigger.

I'll agree to the suggestion of getting a PSP for this type of thing. Even if you don't do homebrew, there's perfectly legal ways to play most if not all the games the Tectoy does. There's the Sega Classic Collection for the Sonics,Golden Axes and I think Ecco. Might not have Alex Kidd though. Somebody mentioned Road Rash, there's an EA Games compilation that has all 3 of those, PLUS, the most underrated Genesis game of all time, Haunting! Starring Polterguy! Damn I had fun with that game back in the day.