Tech Journalist Discovers Feds Had His Credit Card Number For 9 Years

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Welcome to Reading List, Gizmodo's Saturday afternoon roundup of the best writing from around the web. This week we're featuring pieces from Ars Technica, Variety, Businessweek, and Discover.

  • Ars Technica's Cyrus Farivar submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for his Passenger Name Record, the individualized data collected by airlines, cruise ships and hotels whenever someone makes travel plans. Those files are given to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and as Farivar found out, they often contain un-obscured personal information—including IP addresses and full credit card numbers. [Ars Technica]
  • David S. Cohen explains the dust-up between Andy Serkis, who performed the motion-capture acting for Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the VFX animators who turned man into beast. Of the two, which deserves credit? Cohen says that's asking the wrong question. [Variety]
  • Michael Riley looks back to 2011 to explain how Russian hackers managed to sneak into the Nasdaq, exploring how one of the world's most important and secure financial systems could get hacked—and why we still don't understand exactly how it happened. [BloombergBusinessweek]
  • Christie Wilcox takes down the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, explaining how the pop-culture glance at marine biology uses bad science and outright hoaxes to put ratings ahead of knowledge. [Discover Magazine]

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I have reason to believe the feds have my card number as well!

(Because I paid my taxes with a debit card....)

Anyone who's ever looked at how a travel agency works knows that all that data is in the system. What's new to me is how long the feds hold on to it, but I guess it's unsurprising given their thirst for data. Looks like this is how they already know your future travel plans when you go in for a Global Entry/TSA Precheck interview...