Tech Noir Is Your Fantastic '80s Mashup Music Video Of The Day

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Retro Indie band Gunship has just released a new music video for their song Tech Noir, and it’s chock full of references from all the great films of the 1980s. Cue up the nostalgia!

This claymation video has references to a ton of great films from the ‘80s: RoboCop, Friday the 13th, Aliens, Hellraiser, Rocky, He-Man and Carebears (of all things). It works nicely, too, because the video (and it seems, the band) are in love with that particular decade. The video here is a love letter to nostalgia, with VHS tapes playing their own particularly important role. The story here is also structured much like a film from that time would be.


It reminds me a little of Nero’s Two Minds, which we wrote about last week, and this blend of geek nostalgia and music video seems like it’s ripe for these sorts of songs and bands.