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Technical Troubles with New iPods to Delay Release?

Illustration for article titled Technical Troubles with New iPods to Delay Release?

At tomorrow's Apple event, we're all expecting to hear about a new iPod touch and nano with integrated 3.2MP cameras. According to AppleInsider and Hardmac, however, they won't be available right away.


Each site has heard that bad camera modules will push back the anticipated early September release date for Apple's new iPods to a later time. Hardmac seems to believe that the problems are related exclusively to the new iPod touch. AppleInsider references the iPod line a bit more vaguely.


So while we'll most probably see new iPods tomorrow, it could be a while before anyone can actually buy them. But whether that means late September or sometime in October, no one really specifies. [AppleInsider and Hardmac and Image]

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There's nothing like analysts spreading a little extra BS before the keynote to lower the stock price of Apple to make it a better buy for themselves when the keynote finally does come out.