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Yesterday, Tecnica introduced GMT Adventure Travel Footwear travel shoes at an event in New York City. The shoes, due to be available within the next month at selected retail outlets in the US, introduce a host of interesting features sure to please the tech-savvy traveler in your life. For starters, the shoes don t set off metal detectors, meaning you can walk through the security checkpoint at the airport without the inconvenience of having to take off your shoes. The material employed is highly collapsible, making it easy to fit the shoes into your luggage without making your bags look like they have the mumps. To go along with the GMT theme, the sole of the shoe has a handy chart letting you know the time in various international cities with relation to Greenwich Mean Time. So the next time someone asks you what time it is in Jakarta, you ll be able to respond immediately with a boot to the head. Plus, the shoes look really nice, which is always good.

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