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Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Month: January 2022 Edition

Games, books, shows? You had have to done something for the month.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Yuffie Kisaragi and Sonon Kusakabe, back to back, in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intermission.
Image: Square Enix

It’s the end of the month, gang, and what an eventful month it’s been. Like the beginning of every year, there were some solid releases throughout January, but there’s a chance that much of the things you watched or read for the first month of the year were catchups from during the holidays. Now we want to know about some of the many things  that caught your attention for January.

For a lot of it, I found myself revisiting old favorites to prepare for what’s to come. I didn’t have much old stuff in the way of film, but had real good luck when it came to TV. I rewound the clock to watch the old 2004 cartoon The Batman, along with some old Star Wars: The Clone Wars, both of which are still very good.  My biggest rewatch came in the form of the pretty excellent Dimension 20—before its newest season A Starstruck Odyssey hit, I managed to finish both seasons of The Unsleeping City, along with The Seven (a spinoff of Fantasy High). All three seasons are very good, and though it’s only a couple of episodes in, Starstruck looks to be another winner for Dropout’s TTRPG series.


Games wise, I found myself primarily focused on Horizon Zero Dawn ahead of its sequel in a few weeks, and it was fun going back to Guerrilla Games’ post apocalyptic world. The core loop of sniping off robot parts still works incredibly well, and there’s been some fun in diving further into aspects of the game I didn’t focus on the first time, like the Cauldrons. (For me at least, those are the best of the side activities that the game has to offer.) I also briefly went back to the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for its Yuffie expansion, which I really enjoyed and am interested in seeing what from that gets brought over to Remake’s second installment.

For as much as I went back to old favorites, there were some new things I took time to enjoy, outside of the shows that I reviewed here. Again, this was mainly in the form of TV: the incredibly hilarious South Side on HBO Max, plus fellow comedies Grand Crew on NBC and ABC’s Abbott Elementary. To close out the month, I finished catching up on the incredibly fun Star Trek Lower Decks. Finally, I briefly took a trip to the future with Cyberpunk 2077, which has some bright spots in its writing and feels like it could be a real good crime epic...but about 10 hours in, the bugs were becoming real annoying. I’ll give it some time before going back.


Let us know in the comments below some of the things you watched, read, or played throughout the month of January, and what you thought of it.

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