Tell Us Your Worst Uber Horror Stories

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Today, news broke that Uber is set to launch a self-driving car fleet in Pittsburgh this month. It’s a big move for both the driverless car landscape and for Uber, which has been testing out autonomous cars for some time now.

But while these new-fangled innovations may be exciting, they’re not going to solve all of Uber’s problems. And as anyone who has used Uber—myself included—can attest, a lot of shit can go wrong after you hit the request button.


Have you been charged an exorbitant amount of money for what seemed like a normal ride? Post a screenshot! Have you dealt with an asshole Uber rep who wouldn’t help you properly? Call them out! Did you end up in Newark when you really wanted to go to Queens? Share your story with the class! This isn’t limited to passengers, either—if you’re an Uber driver who had a nightmare drunk passenger, we want to hear about that, too.

Head on down to the comments and let it all out. We’ll round up the best stories later.

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