Teltonika HDSPA USB Modem for Super-Fast Connectivity

Illustration for article titled Teltonika HDSPA USB Modem for Super-Fast Connectivity

If, like Shakira, you need to be connected Whenever, Wherever, then Teltonika's little HDSPA USB modem has your name written all over it (rather like my brother thinks Shakira should have his name written all over her). Plug the little thingo into your laptop and you should have high-speed Internet access, as long as there is 3G coverage.


This small and humble gadget (not to be confused with Shakira's breasts which, she says, you cannot confuse with mountains) supports more than one SIM card and will cost you $328.

Product Page [Smart Devices Direct via Red Ferret]

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I can just think of one funny thing for this gadget and Shakira:

"...Where meant to be together, I'll be there and you'll be near, And that's the deal my dear..."

Since on-the-go connection is what I need this seems "muy muy bueno"!

ps: I refuse to sing the ole ole part!