Temperature, Time and USB Air Purifier, All In One

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The casual observer would never suspect that we've seen an unusually high number of USB powered air purifiers in these parts, where there have been units for the office, for the car, and even for the soul, but now the USB air purifier has been teamed up with the digital temperature alarm clock, in a package that seems to be specifically geared toward slackers from the disco area who tend to fall asleep at their desks.


So let's figure this out: it's powered by USB so you must be someone who has a computer beside or near your bed, or you might be someone who regularly plans to sleep at your desk. Then, you must be either a smoker or someone who emits foul odors, just to need this air purifier. Then, you have to enjoy hearing an hourly beep sound, and lastly, you must be someone who likes a three-color LED disco light flashing in your face. The whole thing looks tacky and absurd. If that fits your lifestyle, shell out $32 and it's yours.

Digital temperature alarm clock & USB air purifier [USB Geek]



Tacky and absurd? Sign me up!

Weatherman, the product page says something about "negative ion delivery", so it looks like that. If ionic air purifiers are evil, how are they still on the market (are they?) and in what manner are they unhealthy? I hadn't heard anything like this before and am interested. Not because I have a general liking for air purifiers, but because I have been in places that I left feeling like my face had been shoved in etween the cushions of a forty-year-old sofa.