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Ten Common Misconceptions Debunked In Under Four Minutes

Readers, I know you're intelligent. You know the average person doesn't swallow eight spiders each year, that the Great Wall of China isn't visible from space, and that cracked knuckles don't result in arthritis. But some of your friends are probably dumb, so show them this.


Put together by C.P.G. Grey, this video debunks ten common misconceptions in rapid fire. If you know your stuff, you may not learn a great deal. But, it is entertaining and, perhaps more importantly, might make some of your stupid friends shut up about drinking eight glasses of water a day. You're welcome. [C.P.G Grey]

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Ryan Cooles

11th misconception. "People always think hard and do their research before posting videos on you tube"

Here is my issues with the brain thing. When I say we only you ten percent of our brains, im not saying physically. Just like a car that has 500hp putting on a restrictor and only putting out 50hp. our brains are capable of much much more. How we unlock that or use it is another story all together.

My take on the great wall. When man first started exploring space adn the moon they took lots of pictures. Of those pictures the great wall was one of the first things they could make out when zooming in and looking. This made it a man made object visible from "space". Now that we have satellites that have the ability to focus on an orange on street of any city in the world then every man made object is visible from space. His idea of space might be different from yours or mine. Is it from mars? the moon? right outside our atmosphere? can we zoom in on the picture or base it solely on what our eyes can see?

The bottled water. It depends on what type of bottled water you buy. If you do your research there are some companies that douse exotic water, like Fiji water. Im not aI dont really care along as it is clean and doesn't smell like a poopie.

Good job dude!