TEPCO Just Spilled Tons of Radioactive Water into Fukushima's Soil

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The operator of Japan's infamously crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant recently attempted to move some radioactive water from one tank to another. In the process, it spilled four tons of deadly sludge.

To be fair, the four tons of water is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 300 tons that recently leaked from a nearby tank. And the radiation levels in the newly leaked water are relatively low compared to puddles they found forming outside the tanks about six weeks ago. TEPCO's not in the clear yet, though. A tropical storm is on the way, which creates the potential for even more radioactive leaks.


It's also worth remembering that this little leak pales in comparison to Fukushima's bigger problems. Its primary leak is getting worse, and if something's not done about it soon, it will continue to spread and contaminate the surrounding area. Recently, Japan's government agreed to bankroll a massive project to build an underground ice wall to contain the leaked groundwater. Experts seem to agree that the plan is feasible. All TEPCO has to do is stop spilling radioactive water into the ground. [Reuters]


Image via AP