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Terminator: Genesis plot details raise a whole bunch of questions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've known for sometime that the new Terminator flick, Terminator: Genesis, would be screwing with the original trilogy's timeline a little. But we had no idea it was going to redo old scenes entirely. A bunch of alleged plot details has us wondering how they'll pull this one off.

Movie Hole has a few plot tidbits, leaked from an unnamed "reliable source" that they stand by — but this still sounds a little rumor milly, so take the gossip with a grain of salt. That being said, this sounds totally bananas.


Ok first up, the Terminator: Genesis will be honoring the canon of previous films. However, it will be rebooting the whole storyline (think Star Trek, J.J. Abrams style). How will it do both? By revisiting the scenes, Back to the Future 2-style. Which means these characters will be running around in the background during all the classic Terminator moments, but with their own agenda, focused somewhere else.

What scenes are being revisited? According to Movie Hole, the original Terminator naked opening from the first movie, and the whole "Your clothes, give them to me now" shtick. All the original characters will be there, including Detective Hal, Sarah's roommate Ginger and even Iguana. (No idea if these characters will be played by the same people, or reused footage or just show the arm of another actor with the original voices — we don't know).


Either way the same things happen including Kyle Reese (now played by Jai Courtney) volunteering to go back and save Sarah Connor. But then something changes. We don't know what. But what is being rumored is that then Terminator: Genesis will jump to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. And we will see the T-1000, and even the deaths of John Connor's foster parents.

No word on Terminator 3 or 4 being revisited (god willing, they'll just let Salvation die) but we do know that this movie will hop into the far future as well. Which is always the best.

Terminator: Genesis is bring directed by Game of Thrones and Thor 2 director Alan Taylor, and has the release date of July 1st 2015. All our fingers are crossed on this one.