Terminator: Salvation's Director of Photography Asks: Can You Tell the Difference Between Film and Digital?

Shane Hurlbut, who's been DP on, ahem, illustrious projects like Terminator: Salvation, is a huge proponent of consumer DSLRs, especially the Canon 5D MKII. Now, he's challenging viewers to separate digital from film shots in his new movie. Can you?

Hurlbut is shooting a project based on Navy SEALs, and the trailer (of sorts; it's mostly an awful lot of bikini'd ladies) is shot with a mix of digital and film photography, using the digital Canon 5D MKII and Sony 950 as well as the Arri 235 film camera. He created kind of a contest to see who could pick out the digital shots from the film in the trailer (most is digital, shot with the 5D MKII)—it's way harder than you'd think, not least because the dude is clearly an expert. His wide-angle shots of a yacht and closeups of bikini-clad ladies may look like the intro to a Puff Daddy music video (sing it with me: BEEN AROUND THE WORLD AND AYAYAY) but it is shockingly gorgeous and I'm hard-pressed to be able to tell the difference between digital and film. Check out the video here, and enter his contest here. [Shane Hurlbut via Vincent LaForet]


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