Terrible Halloween costumers rejoice: Once made the Jabberwocky SEXY!

This was a very good episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — except that it was marred by a very bad Jabberwocky.


Now that Alice and Cyrus are together, they are basically insufferable — so I'm keeping this review short and sweet and close to the highlight and the lowlight of the entire show. Biggest High: Liz's play for the Knave. Biggest Low: The Sexerwocky.

A great thing about the Knave being the new genie is getting a genie with a personality outside of pining for Alice. Now that the show has been on hiatus for 2 years (or something) I can honestly say I missed this character, or rather, this actor. Even his ridiculous overly played "bollocks" drop-ins make me smile. You know who else is great? Lizard. Yes, yes the words "expendable death" were stamped across her forehead from the moment we met her. HOWEVER, the way she died was genuinely tragic.

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After revealing her feelings to the Knave she wishes (not literally but the lamp takes it that way) that he would feel something for her. So she got sadness, and grief, and guilt because she unknowingly wished for him to take her life. And there goes all the feelings. Goodbye Lizard, you were a lovely sad moment, and a welcome respite to Alice and Cyrus' weird marriage proposal.

Meanwhile Jafar found the Jabberwocky, who is basically a bad version of David Bowie from Labyrinth — but with all the Bowie sucked out. It was terrible. There is a clip above, for your dubious enjoyment.

By the end of the show, the Jabberwocky is loose and the team is back together again. Alas.



Dr Emilio Lizardo

Pedantic pet peeve: the poem is "Jabberwocky." The monster is "the Jabberwock." No Y.

Even iPad autocorrect has it wrong.