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The Expendables, in theaters today, delivers old school, ass-kicking action movie action with an entire constellation of the genre's stars. We talked to one member of the Expendables crew, Terry Crews, about the movie, iPhone apps, and plenty more.


The Expendables, directed by Sylvester Stallone, probably has more testosterone than all the other action movies released this year combined. Its stars are a veritable who's who of bad ass dudes (some Hollywood veterans, some actually professional ass-kickers): Stallone himself, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Steve Austin and Terry Crews.

Crews played six seasons in the NFL, has starred in several movies as well as the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, has his own own reality show on BET, The Family Crews, and carried some very hilarious and wildly popular Old Spice ads. Here's the wisdom he imparted to Giz:

On The Expendables:

In Expendables we're these throwaway guys. We're a bunch of guys who are super flawed, we work on the underbelly, we're on the fringes, we're thrown away by government, by family, whatever. But we all know how to do one thing real well, each one of us. And together we're unstoppable. It's crazy.


On being funny in The Expendables:

For me to be among it, it's a dream of mine. Cause I come mainly from a comedy thing, and a lot of people think, "Terry Crews? Action star? Whatever." I have the build and the look, and you'd think I would've came in on action. But it's weird, because I came in comedically. But Sly [Stallone] rewrote the role specifically to tap into my comedic thing. And that's one thing I do, I bring a lot of the comedic soul to the movie. I love what I do man, I never wanna stop being funny. And people literally came up to me saying, "aren't you waiting for the day when you don't have to do that anymore?" And I'm like, homie, I don't know what you're talking about.

On the rise of the Girly Man action star:

It's crazy these days: They literally CGI you against green screen, and green screen your face on somebody's body. But Sly's old school. He's like, "Dude. [points] Fight him." And if you miss that shot to the face, dang, you just took one for the movie. He's an old school cat, which you don't see as much now. And nothing against what's going on now—I don't want to insult anybody—but there's a girly manish thing going on right now. It's rare to see someone who's really been in a fight in a movie.


But Sly would whoop your ass for real.

On how Mr. T changed the game:

My favorite action movie was Rocky 3. Mr. T changed the game. He created a supervillain that had never ever ever been seen. Ever. When Mr. T looked at Rocky and said, "Tell your woman to get herself a real man!" Every man in the audience was like, "oh shit."


On the joys of the AT&T Microcell:

I'm still waiting for my new [iPhone 4] to come in. I'm a Mac guy all the way. But the biggest thing I got was this AT&T Booster, cause it don't frickin' work in my house. But with the MicroCell now I can actually talk on my iPhone in my house. It costs an extra $200, but you start feeling like, "dang dog, you guys can't boost service everywhere?"


On the iPad:

I bought an iPad for my wife, I'm still playing with hers. The apps, I get Sports Illustrated, but they don't have as many apps as the iPhone. But I want more kids stuff, cause it's really great to hand to the kids. My son, he's 5 years old, and he's doing the racecar games. I want more. Right now I'm ready for more. I want more books, I want more stuff. I think it's gonna get better.


On the Old Spice viral phenomenon:

Isaiah did like a hundred of [the Twitter videos]. We're gonna do more. I would love to do more. What's so crazy is that I've been so busy with Expendables, Are We There Yet, Family Crews on BET. I have three movies coming out this month. It's a big, big time for me right now. We did the Old Spice stuff right in the gap, but I had no idea it would be that big.


Those guys are geniuses. The way they marketed this thing was as big as a movie opening. They did it right. And I'm just proud to be a part. This is a big deal. Between us, there's like 20 million hits. I did like 6 different spots, and each one of 'em had like 3, 4 million hits a piece. You can't ask for that. It's crazy.


I'm willing to do whatever they need as long as I can legally put it in. I'm hoping we can do something together. I would really love to do something with Isaiah. I'm just putting it out there: the Superbowl's coming up. I think there's something in the works. Isaiah's debuted at Superbowl, mine debuted at the Final Four. It seems like the universe is ready for an Old Spice explosion.

We sure hope so. Thanks Terry! And if you like muscles or firearms or explosions, go see The Expendables this weekend!


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