Terry Gilliam reveals all about his trippy Zero Theorem. Plus Avengers 2 hints from Joss Whedon!

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Sam Raimi reveals what's he seen of the Evil Dead reboot. Ryan Kwanten reveals what the True Blood finale has in store for Jason Stackhouse. Meet The Walking Dead's newest character. Plus our first look at Sylvester McCoy's wizard in The Hobbit !


Spoilers from this point forward!

Top image from The Hobbit.

Thor: The Dark World

Kat Dennings will reportedly be back as Darcy Lewis, making her the last of the main cast members to have her return confirmed. Her part will reportedly be somewhat expanded this time around, although it's not yet clear what exactly that means. [Deadine]

The Avengers 2

Joss Whedon recently attended a press junket in Japan, and a translation of what he had to say is making the rounds. We can't vouch for its accuracy 100%, especially considering what Whedon said was presumably translated into Japanese, and then this report was translated back into English, which means there are multiple opportunities for things to get garbled. Anyway, Whedon reportedly said for the sequel that he "wants a somewhat smaller-scale film in that it'll be more personal, but teases larger event, team and villain" and there will be "a bigger team for The Avengers 2, with at least one new character he's adding." Considering Edgar Wright's Ant-Man is this close to happening, he has to be considered a contender for the new spot, although he also mentioned that he almost included the Wasp in the first movie, so she's also a possibility — not to mention the rumors of Agent Coulson becoming Vision. You can check out the link for some more tidbits. [Screenrant]

Zero Theorem

Now that Terry Gilliam is officially making this movie — or, since this is Terry Gilliam we're talking about, attempting to make the movie before the cruel, indifferent cosmos sabotages him at every turn — the director has started talking about what to expect. The latest plot synopsis is here, and now there's an official announcement that Gilliam posted to Facebook:

Announcement! I'm heading of to Bucharest to start work on my new film, The Zero Theorem. It stars everybody's favorite Nazi, the great Christoph Waltz. Very original script about a man waiting for a telephone call that will give meaning to his life. Some other things happen as well. It's profound and funny in more or less equal measures. We're going to have fun. I'll keep you posted as the cast expands.


Elsewhere, Gilliam offered some more clues:

Oh yeah, it's very funny. That synopsis sounds much darker and broodier than it is. The main character is literally living in this burnt-out chapel which one could take as a metaphor for old beliefs and old systems. He's a computer genius but he's just sitting there waiting for a phone call, which he's hoping will give meaning to his life. It's a simple premise, but how it develops is much more interesting. It really is about relationships, and discovering what's really important in life.

You have your first sex scene to direct?
There is a bit of nudity in the script, whether it will be that nude in the film I don't know. When you've got people flying around through space, sucked into black holes naked… that can be very difficult to do. You've got to hide the harness. The harness is always the tricky thing - that's why we normally like bulky costumes!

Is there any location shooting, or is it all inside the studio?
There are a few scenes outside, but not many. What I'm trying to do within those scenes, is to try to barrage the audience with what the world is really about.


That last sentence tells you pretty much all you need to know about why Terry Gilliam is insanely awesome (and awesomely insane, naturally) — well, that and the bit about naked people being sucked into black holes — but there's still more good information right here. [Dreams via /Film]

The Hobbit

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Here are some images from a tie-in calendar. It's mostly stuff we've seen before, with one rather major exception — the calendar includes our first look at Doctor Who's very own Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown. [Thorin Oakenshield]

Kick-Ass 2

Lindy Booth, whose previous credits include Dawn of the Dead and a guest spot on Warehouse 13, is reportedly in talks to play Night Bitch, one of the members of the heroic Justice Forever team to which unspeakably horrible things happen (I don't know that for sure, I'm just kind of assuming). The same report says it's looking unlikely that Jim Carrey will agree to appear as the Colonel, a part that's now being described as a "cameo" role. [Heat Vision]


Evil Dead

Sam Raimi discusses an early cut of the Fede Alvarez-directed, Jane Levy-starring reboot:

I saw a really early incomplete thing that was before the editor's cut. He still had three weeks to shoot and it was great. It was really scary, gut-wrenching, low budget and I think it's going to be a great horror film. I read what Bruce said [yesterday] and I can't remember what he said, something like '[Fede] didn't just repeat what we had done.' He took the flavor, the way in which the original affected people and made his own movie. It's really a great combination, I'm super excited about it. He also got great performances from the actors.


[Shock Till You Drop]

Wreck-It Ralph

Here are three more posters for Disney's movie set inside the world of video games. [First Showing]


Doctor Who

Here are some more promo photos from the imminent seventh series premiere, "Asylum of the Daleks." [SpoilerTV]


True Blood

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Here's a promo photo for this Sunday's fifth season finale, "Save Yourself." [SpoilerTV]

Ryan Kwanten discusses Jason Stackhouse's role in the finale:

Well, a very big role. Like I said before, it's his family he's fighting for. It's the town. It's for the answers to his parents dying. It's pretty much do or die for Jason. This finale actually takes us all the way up to a huge cliff-hanger in [the final episode] where you're not quite sure who's going to live and who's going to die. In previous seasons, we had the so-called cliff-hanger in either Episode 10 or 11 and then, Episode 12 is answering that cliff-hanger and then setting up the new season, whereas this one very much leaves us on a big "Oh, my God," moment.


There's plenty more at the link. [TV Guide]

The Walking Dead

The third season will introduce the new character of Milton, a major player in the Woodbury community run by David Morrissey's Governor. Here's how comics creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman describes the character, who will be portrayed by Rubicon and The Good Wife actor Dallas Roberts:

"Milton is the details guy. He's the guy that works with the Governor, who is monitoring all situations and is trying to help the Governor make sense of this world that they're living in. He's not exactly a scientist, but he's a smart guy that is trying to find out how zombies behave. Watching him do his little experiments is going to be a lot of fun."


Showrunner Glen Mazzara talks in more general terms about how Milton fits into the show's depiction of the zombie apocalypse:

"We were examining, ‘How do people survive in this apocalyptic world, and what can people contribute?' And we didn't think it was plausible that every single character we meet is an efficient zombie killer. We just didn't buy that everyone we know would be active and deft enough to kill every walker. We wanted to show how other people survive, and Dallas has come in and helped us establish that character. He just adds a lot of heart and humanity to Woodbury, which further complicates what that is. That is a real town with real people and real survivors. It's not necessarily a group of bad guys."


Check out the link for an exclusive photo of Dallas Roberts as Milton. [EW]

Once Upon a Time

[gallery 5936789] Here are some promo posters for the upcoming second season. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a cryptic clue for season two, courtesy of TV Line:

Something will happen this season that will ensure Mary Margaret and Emma get a lot of mother-daughter bonding time, whether they like it or not. Bonus clue: Think Lost.


[TV Line]

Person of Interest

Executive producer Greg Plageman hints at how the machine can still work now that Finch has gone missing:

"[Exec producer] Jonah [Nolan] and [writer] Denise [Thé] have found a really novel, interesting way to present the number in the absence of Finch. Who does the Machine turn to? And that is answered in the premiere, per the title ['The Contigency']."


[TV Line]

666 Park Avenue

Here's an extended promo for ABC's upcoming drama about a supernatural apartment building, starring Lost's Terry O'Quinn.


Here are some promo photos for the ninth episode, "The Devil Will Drag You Under." [SpoilerTV]


The Vampire Diaries

Showrunner Julie Plec discusses what's ahead for Meredith in season four now that Alaric is gone:

"Meredith in the beginning is just trying to keep her head above water, realizing that she's found herself dropped into this supernatural world she never really meant to get involved with. She has a choice to make: Does she want to dive in head first and embrace it? Or does she want to pull back and say, ‘Hey you know what? Why don't you guys leave me out of it.' We'll be seeing a little bit of her in the beginning of the season."


[TV Line]


The CW's Green Arrow show is wasting no time in adding characters from elsewhere in the DC universe, with the generally heroic but occasionally lethal vigilante the Huntress reportedly due to show up around episode six. Here's the show's description of the character:

"Helena is a potential love interest for Oliver Queen; a fellow vigilante, set on destroying her father's organized crime empire. But Helena's blind pursuit of revenge will put her on a collision course with the Arrow."


Australian actress Jessica De Gouw, whom I'm sure you all remember as Constable Edie McElroy on Underbelly (assuming you're all Australian and watch the show Underbelly, I guess), has reportedly been cast in the role. [EW]

Episode five reportedly featured a casting call for "a thirty to forty year old male named Edward who is described as the clean-shaven soldier and leader of a unit that captures Oliver", with comparisons being made to Christoph Waltz's Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds. There's some thought that this character might tie in with Torchwood star John Barrowman's recently revealed, still mysterious recurring role. Whether the two parts are one and the same or the characters are just connected to each other is still unclear. [The TV Addict]


Teen Wolf

Showrunner Jeff Davis discusses Peter Hale's character transformation and what lies ahead in season three:

"[Actor] Ian Bohen loved it. It's fun when you can bring a character back like that. From mass murdered in season one and people love him now! His intentions I would say are pretty murky at the moment. You'll definitely know more in season three. He's going to become a bigger presence than he's been."


[E! Online]

Additional reporting by Rob H. Dawson and Charlie Jane Anders.




Re: Avengers 2 —

Don't forget that Falcon is being introduced in The Winter Soldier as well. He's part of the line-up in the inspired-by-the-movie Avengers cartoon that Marvel is currently working on. Ironically, he was added to the Avengers in the 80s at the behest of the (in-universe) US government, to be the token black guy; it wouldn't surprise me if he works his way into Avengers 2.

That said, I get the impression that Joss is referring to a new member that "he" (Joss) is adding; not one that is being introduced by Marvel Studios in an earlier movie. Wasp and Vision are probably a good bet, unless they're introduced as part of Ant-Man (which could happen if Ultron was the villain).

Personally though, I'm hoping for Mockingbird: she's exactly the kind of kickass and mouthy character that Joss loves; she has no powers and is a SHIELD agent, which will help keep Hawkeye and Black Widow from seeming out of place; and she's Hawkeye's partner (and future wife), which could be a great way for Joss to dedicate more screen time and character development to Clint this time around.