Tesla Lays off Some Detroit Staff By Blog

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Bad news for electric car fans and the guys who build 'em. Tesla has let go 90% of their Detroit staff in the interest of "consolidating" their workforce in San Jose. The lucky remainder gets to relocate to California, no expenses paid, to keep their jobs. Then again, the economy is bad and Tesla isn't exactly raking in piles of cash. We understand downsizing if it keeps the business afloat. But sometimes it's not what you say but how you say it. Tesla fired notified the employees their office was closing down through a cryptic post on their blog, and fired them two days later in person.

There will also be some headcount reduction due to consolidation of operations. In anticipation of moving vehicle engineering to our new HQ in San Jose, we are ramping down and will close our Rochester Hills office near Detroit. Good communication, tightly knit engineering and a common company culture are of paramount importance as Tesla grows.

Many Detroit employees, failing to read between the lines, went to work and logged into their computers only to find themselves fired. Keep it classy, Tesla! UPDATE: Tesla writes to say that the employees weren't fired, but were only notified that their office was closing by the blog post. It stands to reason that if you don't have an office to work in anymore, there's a good chance that your job is also in questionable standing. They also admit that the blog post announcing the closing of the detroit office was a mistake. Best of luck to the company that's helping to bring back the EV. [jalopnik]

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Sean Robertson

You know, this is how workplace violence/sabotage/etc. starts. When you treat employees with such a profound lack of respect, don't try and act all surprised when they exact their revenge. We have GOT to stop treating people like they're expendable in this country!