Testicular Annihilations, Japanther Animations, and Other Things to Make Em' Say Uuh

She's The One - Japanther

While this isn't the official music video—it was actually crafted by 50 teenage animation students at the California State Summer School for the Arts over the course of three days—it should be. [Boing Boing]


Hadley TK-421

This brilliant black comedy from writer-director Jonathan Reid-Edwards is set in 1960's London (just like Mad Men but, you know, a decade later in a different country and industry) and examines the unforeseen (often quite deadly) consequences of workplace automation.

Three Minutes of Crotch Shots—the Painful Kind, Not the Pervy

Kids these days. Thankfully, their chances of successfully reproducing and passing their strain of idiot genes are now quite small.

The Moon Illusion - AsapSCIENCE

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's an illusion. [It's Okay to be Smart via Gizmodo]


Denver's Mayor Thinks No One Will Visit Colorado if Weed Is Legal

Mayor Michael Hancock has come out in opposition to Amendment 64 less than two weeks before the election and has clearly established that his administration will keeps its head buried safely in this here pile of sand until the ballots close. His reasoning—the same, tired Reefer Madness propaganda as always:

I do firmly believe it's a gateway drug. I also think it's the wrong message we want to send our children that it's okay for them to consume or use marijuana. We don't want to be the first state in this nation that legalizes marijuana. I believe we will lose our attractiveness to companies, employers who want to come to our state. Tourism is the number-one industry for the City of Denver, number two in the state of Colorado, and I believe that sector will be disproportionately harmed with the perception that Denver is the marijuana capital.


Yes, because just look at Amsterdam. That city legalized cannabis a while back and now it's a complete ghost town, a burned out husk of a city. What's that? It's a thriving metropolis with lower hard drug addiction rates than just about anywhere in the USA despite people smoking pot? Shocking. [West Word]

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