Tethering App Slips Into the iOS App Store (Updated)

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File this one under "get it while you can". An app that provides free USB tethering between your iPhone and your laptop has somehow made its way through Apple's approval process and snuck into the App Store. Cue feeding frenzy.

The app, called iTether by Tether, will allow you to share your phone's data plan with your computer without having to pay for you carrier's (unreasonably high) tethering fee. Apple has never allowed anything like this to stay in the App Store, so we have to believe it won't stay long. The app's developers say they went through all the hoops they were supposed to and directly answered all of Apple's questions, but still, if you want it, right now would be when you should get it. Just to be clear, the app itself costs $15, which is steep, but with free tethering, that would pay for itself in less than a month. You can get it in the iTunes store, for now. [9to5Mac via Mac Rumors via Engadget]

Update: Not-so-shockingly, iTether just got pulled from the App Store. Historically, if you got an app before it was yanked then congratulations, it's yours to use and enjoy, and we expect it will be the same story here. We'll see if we can confirm, though.


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