Thank God, Avatar: The Last Airbender Is HD on Netflix Now

Avatar can now be streamed the way it was meant to be streamed.
Avatar can now be streamed the way it was meant to be streamed.
Image: Netflix

Praise be, your cabbages can look better than ever.

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked Avatar: The Last Airbender came to Netflix last month, giving us the chance to revisit Aang’s quest to save the world from the wroth of Fire Lord Ozai (and when we were finished, get right to carrying on with Legend of Korra). But there was kind of a problem that was immediately apparent when you booted up Avatar on the streamer.


It looked like ass, and not because you’d accidentally queued up the movie adaptation instead. It turns out that Netflix used the original, 480i standard-definition version of the show, which, especially in its earlier episodes, looks rather rough when seen today.

In the years since Avatar’s debut on Nick, we’ve gotten the pretty excellent Blu-ray release of the series that went back and took huge steps to remaster the quality of those episodes into 1080p, making them much more watchable on modern screens (plus, it was Avatar, it was already watchable enough). Now, Netflix has confirmed that it’s re-uploaded the series in high definition, meaning you can now enjoy The Last Airbender in non-ass quality, as it should be.

Any excuse for a 78th rewatch, honestly. All together now: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony... 


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Platypus Man

Started watching it for the first time recently, enjoyable so far. I probably would have watched it earlier if I had known Dave Filoni worked on it, his Star Wars stuff is obviously great. Didn’t know there was an HD version, so the older animation didn’t really bother me.

Also a little upset no one told me about the existence of the platypus bear