Thanks For Celebrating Gizmodo Day With Us

Gizmodo just turned 10 and last night we celebrated with meetups all over the map. And it was a blast and a half.


The main event New York City, an old media haunt in the Lower East Side called The Magician. We drank an irresponsible amount of beers with friends, Gizmodo alums, and readers alike—the very people who we have to thank for the last decade and those we hope hang around as we go into the next. We met some of our favorite faithful commenters like Kaiser-Machead and a guy who traveled two hours just to tell Sam Biddle off.

We also had Meetups in 11 other cities, from San Francisco to Budapest. Have pictures? Tweet and Instagram them using #gizday and we'll post them on the site. Thanks for coming to our birthday party, and here's to many many more!

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