Thanks to 'Stretchable Silicon,' We'll Soon Wear Our Computers

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Cloud computing is so two days ago. Now that Reebok has teamed up with semiconductor makers MC10, they plan to produce a line of garments with embedded, stretchable silicon processors, I'm only interested in wearable.

According to Technology Review, Reebok's planned clothing line could be used not only to measure basic body metrics, such as heart rate, but also more involved things such as pH levels, joint strain and blood pressure. And what makes this concept so neat doesn't lie in the sensor technology, but rather the fact that the CPU itself would not just sit in an external box, but would rather be an unassuming part of the clothing.


Reebok's partner MC10 has specializing for years in developing electronic prototypes that are thin and lightweight, but also flex and stretch. Even better, they think this tech could be in our hands in as soon as a couple years. And this could just be the tip of the iceberg, too: imagine, once this strechable silicon tech is more prevalent, the possibilities of a computer in your clothing interfacing with all the other gadgets in your life. TVs, stereos, computers, etc. It would be awesome. [Technology Review]

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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

I'm wearing my computer right now. It's on my belt.

Srsly, if you google for "ubiquitous computing" or "wearable computing", you'll see different variations on this theme. As far as really ubiquitous computing, my only question is, why? My clothing already performs its functions well: protecting me from the elements, absorbing sweat and funk, fooling people into thinking that I might look better naked than I actually do, and, you know, not spying on me.