Thanks to This Cover, the Cantina Theme From Star Wars Is Going to Be Stuck in My Head All Day

You’re already hearing it.
You’re already hearing it.
Image: Lucasfilm

Back in the day, before all the Nazis and creepy algorithmically generated children’s shows, YouTube was great for two things: old Saturday Night Live clips, and song covers. It’s honestly still pretty great for the latter.


Which is why, at ten thirty on a Sunday morning, I find myself listening to a fantastic a capella cover of the Cantina Theme from Star Wars. You know the one, the Mos Eisley cantina song, with that infectiously joyous band playing a repetitive but somehow also perfect little earworm that’s bound to live in your head for an entire lifetime, there with the greatest moments of Star Wars.

Felix SR, a young YouTuber with a penchant for covers, has just put out a new a capella version of the theme, and it’s fabulous: textured, catchy, and authentic. A lot of a capella covers just sort of feel gimmicky and dull, but this one really works for me. It helps that the Cantina Theme is just the catchiest thing in the world.

Buh duh buh! Buh duh buh! Buh duh buh du buh! God I’m going to be doing this all day, aren’t I?

[h/t Reddit]

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Unspiek, Baron Bodissey wants to speak to the manager

Here, my good lady. Have a helping of Richard Cheese singing “Star Wars Cantina” with music from Barry Manilow’s Copacabana:

You can thank me later if the earworm wakes you at midnight.