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That Chubby Guy Dressed As Batman Got Arrested Again

Illustration for article titled That Chubby Guy Dressed As Batman Got Arrested Again

Mark Wayne Williams, the chubby Batman who was once arrested for dangling from a building, just got arrested again and yep, he was dressed as Batman at the time of the arrest. What did he do this time?


Apparently, fake Batman fat man was a little too eager to help the police officers at a crime scene. As the police tell it, Williams came to the scene of a hit and run accident before the police:

"When we arrived, (Williams) was at the scene in his Batman outfit. He wouldn't clear the scene and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent. He said he wanted to help us look for the driver. We didn't want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do."


No word is Williams was carrying his usual Batman weapons like he did last year: a baton, Freeze Plus P and lead-lined gloves. This is his third time getting arrested dressed up in character. The first was as The Crow, the last two have been as Batman. I wonder what's coming next. [Bleeding Cool via Geekosystem]

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