That In-App Purchase Hack Now Works For OS X Apps Too

Earlier in the week a Russian hacker—Alexy Borodin—revealed a fairly easy way to make in-app purchases in iOS without actually paying for them. Apple has of course since been working on a fix to the gaping hole, but adding insult to injury, Alexy has now revealed that a very similar hack also works with desktop apps downloaded from the Mac App Store.


Exploiting the hack under OS X takes the same approach as it did under iOS, except that you'll also need to download and use the cleverly named Grim Receiper app Alexy developed. Apple will no doubt be addressing the issue for the Mac App Store as quickly as it did for the iOS App Store, but at this point it's becoming a cat and mouse game between the company and Alexy that he seems intent on winning. [In-Appstore via The Verge via Forbes]

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