That Magical Spill-Proof Cup Holder Now Works In Any Vehicle…

Remember that revolutionary car cup holder from a while ago that let you drive like a maniac with no risk of ever spilling your drink? You can finally pre-order a version that’s designed to work with almost every vehicle on earth, as long as it already has cup holders installed.


The original Maksimatic cup holder, named after its creator, Maksim Ghyvoronsky, was designed to be installed in a vehicle at the factory as a standard feature. So if you already owned a car, it was all but useless to you. But there was so much demand for the product that Maksim has designed a new version that works as an aftermarket accessory for whatever you’re driving.

With the ability to keep a cup level at angles up to 20 degrees, the Maksimatic Bullet cup holder can even prevent spills on Baldwin St. in Dunedin, New Zealand, which is considered one of the steepest roads in the world. But it works just as well at preventing spills on flat roads when you jam your foot on the accelerator, make a sharp turn, or have to suddenly slam on the brakes.


So what will such upholstery-saving sorcery cost you? Ghyvoronsky has turned to Kickstarter to bring the universal version of the Maksimatic to consumers with a $95,000 fund-raising campaign. It’s considerably more than the $10,000 he was seeking for the original version of his product, but now he’ll be selling finished products directly to consumers.

If you want to pre-order one, a donation of just $25 to his cause is all that’s needed, and delivery could be as early as May of this year. If anything, you can consider it a cheap way to avoid ever having to pay someone to detail your car the next time you’re driving with a beverage. [Kickstarter - Maksimatic]

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