Illustration for article titled Thats a Wrap for IsoHunt: MPAA Forces File-Sharing Site to Close

Those who routinely use torrents to illegally download their favorite movies, TV, and music will find themselves with one less website to grab the latest Homeland from. Torrent database IsoHunt is shutting down.


The site gave up its legal fight with the MPAA—which began in 2006—choosing to settle for $110 million dollars in damages and the shuttering of IsoHunt's operations. Wired reports that the site's proprietor, Gary Fung, has 7 days to shut things down in compliance with the settlement.

Options for fans of pirating via torrent site are indeed dwindling. It might not be long before the once seemingly endless flow of copyrighted content via the BitTorrent protocol is snuffed out completely by these types of lawsuits. In the meantime, pour one out for IsoHunt. And start looking for your backup plan. [Wired]


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