That's It, You're All Going To The Attic

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Fox pulls the last episode of Dollhouse and your reaction is... not what I expected. For all the people upset at Fox, there were probably more disappointed with Joss Whedon, weirdly (and fittingly) enough.


Many thought that this news was a sign for Whedon to finally walk away from Fox altogether:

OlavRokne: "OMG! RUJK? Joss Whedon got burned for trusting Fox? Did they cancel a series before it had a chance to build an audience? Did they not even air all the episodes? HOW IS THIS A SURPRISE?"

thatoneguy42: "*sigh* Wheedon, Wheedon, Wheedon. i liked dollhouse. but man. newscorp is bad news man. you can do better than them."

Frank Sinister: "You know what? I'm glad. Because as much as I was enjoying Dollhouse, (the ONLY show I make a point to watch live, thank you, Fox,) this will finally sever Joss's ties with them once and for all. Then he can go get all the independent funding we all know he deserves and make shows we all want to watch WITH NO NETWORK INTERFERENCE. Point me to the URL Joss."

Belabras Ate My Baby!: "Ugh. I wondered why Whedon was working with Fox in the first place, and now I wonder even more. It's like he's Barton Fink and they only keep him around to write things so they can crap all over them."

acrobatic rabbit: "*heavy sigh* Whedon. Really man, we need to have a sit-down. Now listen, it would be better for us fans if you didn't jerk us around with your apparent lack of self importance when dealing with these fucktards at Fox. Ok? Seriously. You can do better. Please. DO BETTER!!! Do another Firefly? Look, you can even cast Eliza as Inara's "client", eh? Sort of a nudge, nudge to the Dollhouse fans. eh??? eh??? mmmm... Eliza and Inara...."

alphanumeric1971:"Joss Whedon. a brilliant writer, bad decision maker."

SahilaLeda: "Oh lookie. Fox screwing over Whedon fans. It's odd, but I have the weirdest sense of deja fu. You know, that feeling that somehow, somewhere, you've been kicked in the head like this before."

Christopher Greer: "Raise your hand if your shocked. Hopefully, once Fox is done fucking Dollhouse over Whedon will stop going back to them. (You'd think he'd learned his lesson after how he was treated on Firefly.) "

Jim Topoleski: "Seriously Joss..... STOP SELLING YOU STUFF TO FUCKING FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, just stop... you do it again we will hunt you down. Dont you know fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me?"

LucianaCbazon: "Jesus, its like Whedon is trapped in some domestic abuse special. How many times does Fox have to put cigarettes out on his back before he leaves them. Oh no, this time its going to be different. Fox says they really love me, they've quit drinking and everythings going to be great. I'll know when its time to leave. When Lifetime makes the Whedon biopic, his part will be played by Yasmine Bleeth."

Yowza, that last line is more cruel than having your series pulled out from underneath you by Fox executives who have done an appallingly bad job of hiding their distaste for your work all along. Another running theme from commenters? Dollhouse dislike coming out of the Whedon-closet:

Crenshaw13: "C'mon Fox, it's like you're canceling shows that absolutely no one is watching or something."

mcmachete: "Oh no! Where will I get my fix of boring, overhyped show with lots of potential? Bring on the flame."

Jonathan Green: "See, I'd be more upset with this, except Dollhouse was bad. I mean, I'm a big Joss Whedon fan, and I really tried to watch Dollhouse out of devotion, was just so BAD. So yeah, not really suprised or frustrated by this. I still pray nightly that somehow T:SCC won't get canned."

Pope John Peeps II: "I hate to say it but Dollhouse was in a bad place to begin with. The first episode was a little bit silly and formulaic, and then the second episode started to go right into super-creepy town. When you slap those two things together, you're looking at a really small, small audience. Hell, I watch Firefly religiously and I still don't care for Dollhouse very much."

Dryftwood: "are people really that upset about the final dollhouse not airing? The show continuously fails to catch my interest week in and week out. I mean to each their own right? But this is no surprise to me."

Solipsistic Nation: "As a recent Whedon convert I anxiously anticipated Dollhouse. The rumors started to fly that the Fox execs weren't happy with the pilot and Whedon went back to re-shoot it. Fine. Whatever. Maybe these were necessary compromises to make Dollhouse work for Fox. But then I saw the pilot for Dollhouse and I was underwhelmed. But I came back the following week and was disappointed again. And again. And again. It was only with last week's episode that I became excited about the show. Hell, the should have used that as the pilot! I don't know who is to blame for Dollhouse's blahness. Whedon? Fox? Both? In any case, based on what I've seen I'm not surprised that Dollhouse is going to the Attic."

Talk about kicking a show when it's down. I'll be the first to admit that the show was never perfect - and more than once, veered towards downright bad - but, come on people. Show some respect for the probably deceased, please. I hope that you're all more respectful when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is cancelled.



I didn't read either of the "OMG Dollhouse is cancelled" threads because they were both Spoiler zones. But didn't a more recent post (Joss gets an award) say that Dollhouse is not officially cancelled?

Anyway, count me as one who thinks that if DH gets the chance it will surpass Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. We're just on episode, what, nine? And it's already getting mind-blowing.