That's No Moon, It's a Light Up Shirt With Sound Effects

Illustration for article titled Thats No Moon, Its a Light Up Shirt With Sound Effects

Mixing Star Wars with those '"I'm with stupid" tees, this latest addition to the ever growing list of electronically enhanced shirts features the Death Star firing its glowing superlaser, complete with sound effects, at whoever's standing next to you.


Like every other light up shirt available on downtown street corners across the country, this one relies on electroluminescent panels to give the laser its glow, with the smaller beams lighting up in sequence before the big one fires. And instead of a giant reactor, four AAA batteries are all that's needed to keep it running, stashed inside a speakerbox that plays sounds of the laser powering up and firing at the push of a button.

Sure, it's impressive, but to paraphrase Vader: "Don't be too proud of this technological tee you've constructed. The ability to impress a Star Wars nerd is insignificant next to the power of the Force." [ThinkGeek]

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Oh man! I will never forgive you for this sh*t! This is some f*ucked up Republic Sh*t!