The 10 Worst Superpowers to Have in Real Life

What kind of human doesn’t want to have superpowers? I’d literally take any of them—flying, teleportation, invisibility, super strength—shoot, even a useless one like being able to eat anything would be so awesome to have. But there’s a dark side to having superpowers, and it’s mostly because we live in stupid ass real life.


ScreenRant lists their 10 worst superpowers to have in real life. Although some selections are being terribly nitpicky, the reasons they’d be awful to have are fair-ish, as they’re grounded in our reality. Like if you had Invisible Woman’s invisibility power, you’d be blind because you need to reflect light off the corneas of your eyes to see. Or if you had teleportation abilities, you’d have to be very careful where you teleport too lest something end up inside you when you pop up again. Even being able to change reality isn’t something anyone would want to have in real life because your subconscious could totally screw things up.

It’s all very sobering and I wish I could just be a kid and dream about superpowers without having to have things make total sense. Whatever. Flying would still be cool to have, right?

  1. Spider-Man’s wall crawling
  2. Rogue’s power absorption
  3. Wolverine’s immortality
  4. The Mask’s reality warping
  5. Hulk’s super strength
  6. Doctor Manhattan’s size manipulation
  7. Nightcrawler’s teleportation
  8. Invisible Woman’s invisibility
  9. Professor X’s telepathy
  10. Superman’s super hearing



The Flash’s super speed. Without any of his apparent adjacent super-abilities (like friction immunity), you’d be dead. Same with the Human Torch’s fire creation powers without his other power regarding resistance to fire.