The holidays are one of the best times to meander down memory lane. After all, many of us are probably even sleeping in our old childhood bedrooms while visiting our parents this Christmas. And because so many of you enjoyed Dinosaur Dracula's look at a 1985 JCPenney Christmas catalog yesterday, we wanted to point you towards this even better follow-up they posted of the best toys in Sears' 1982 Wish Book.


What better way is there to kill time waiting for Christmas morning than by reminiscing of all the toys you asked for as a kid. Glow Worm? Got it. Coleco Tabletop Arcade Games? Unfortunately Santa never saw that one on the list. But when we were kids, poring over those toy catalogs was easily as much fun as tearing open gifts on Christmas morning. [Dinosaur Dracula]

Photos by Dinosaur Dracula

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