The 25th Anniversary Batman Blu-ray comes with a Keaton Batman figure!

Oh my. NECA dashed hopes of a 'proper' Keaton Bats figure when they released their (admittedly cool) video-game version - but it's now been revealed they'll be making one for the 1989 Movie's upcoming blu-ray rerelease. Rejoice!

The 'Diamond Luxe Edition' (which can I just say is a godawful name for something - just call it the deluxe edition, you pillocks!) of Burton's first Batman film comes with some new special features, but honestly we're here for the lovely figure.


Oh yes. Look at that glorious grim smoulder that reads as easily as 'I really need the loo' as it does 'I'm going to punch you in the face because I'm the goddamn Batman'. Delightful! The figure itself stands at around 7" tall and comes with all the sort of articulation you'd expect from a NECA figure, as well as a removable cape, a Batarang and a Speargun.

Want one? The set will cost you $30, and can be preordered from Warner Bros.' eBay store (of all places), for a release early next month.

[NECA on Facebook]

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