The 4,784-Piece Lego Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Makes Me Want to Root for the Empire

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Photo: Lego & Disney

As with the 2017 Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon which was an update to a smaller set in 2007, Lego’s new UCS Imperial Star Destroyer is a new version of a model released back in 2002. But at 4,784-pieces it’s over 1,500 pieces larger and at 43 inches the Emperor will be very pleased this new Star Destroyer is almost twice as long.


Let’s get the gut punch out of the way first: when it’s officially available starting on October 1 from and stores that are happy to stock gigantic boxes, the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer will set you back $700. Here’s a cute little teaser intended to make that price tag a little easier to swallow.

Compared to the UCS Millennium Falcon which sells for $100 more, and includes an additional 2,700+ pieces, this isn’t a set for bargain hunters, it’s for collectors who want an impeccably detailed replica of another iconic Star Wars ship.

In addition to copious amounts of small detailing like swivelling cannons and an adjustable radar dish, the model also comes with a display stand and informational plaque, two Imperial minifigures (because mile long spaceships really just fly themselves) and a matching scale version of Princess Leia’s Tantive IV ship which even fits in the Star Destroyer’s hangar bay on its underside.


Lego rarely includes details about the weight of its models, but as with the UCS Millennium Falcon, you’ll need to be up for a workout if you intend to get any playtime with this replica. But taking it on a rendezvous mission around your living room is undoubtedly more fun than heading to the gym.

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I wont be buying this... Who am I kidding...