The 64GB Surface Pro Will Have Just 23GB of Usable Space

Illustration for article titled The 64GB Surface Pro Will Have Just 23GB of Usable Space

If you thought yesterday's news—that the 128GB Microsoft Surface Pro will only offer 83GB of usable storage—was bad, think again. The Verge has learned that the 64GB version will offer up just 23GB of space to the user.

It seems the Windows 8 install, built-in apps, and a recovery partition will consume 41GB of the total storage space, leaving just 23GB—that's 36 percent—of storage for the user. Perhaps it's time manufacturers started quoting available storage space in their ads, too? [Verge]

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I've been using Windows 8 on my Desktop and what's been happening is I forget I have that Start Menu with Surface Apps thing. I spend most of my time on the Desktop with my Icons and Windows Explorer. I'm too old school. Occasionally I check the New Star Menu to see if there's any Apps worth getting, but I just can't use my Desktop around that whole design with the giant squares. Apps launched look like Fisher Price versions of Websites.