The $70 Palm Pre Touchstone: $5 For the Parts, $65 Is For the Privilege

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In addition to its gecko-like grip, the latest Palm Pre touchstone super power is the ability to squeeze $5 worth of components into a $70 price tag.


We kid the Pre, honestly, because as other sites have already noted today, many electronics companies have been taking bargain bin components, adding a slick coat of paint, and charging a premium for some time now.


Still, $5 worth of commodity plastic and transistors marked up to $70? Surely there is some other latent super power slumbering within the plastic confines of this phone charger that will awaken with a flash someday? Right?

FYI: The same tear down at iFixit revealed about $170 worth of parts go into the Pre. [iFixit via Engadget]

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I've had this technology in my toothbrush for 5 years now. This is a total lack of innovation as it only supports this one single product for a ridiculous price.

This would actually be great when it supports more than one device. I just want a pad, maybe 6x8", that I can throw any portable electronic device or special rechargeable battery on and have it recharge. If they really wanted to make an awesome device, they'd have made something like that and cheaply licensed the tech out to other companies to integrate into their devices.

Toss in the ability to sync from the same charging pad, get everyone to integrate the ability into their devices, and I'm sold. It's ridiculous how many cords and chargers I have.

I don't suspect this will actually happen anytime soon, it seems that every company wants its own cables and chargers to not be compatible with anything else. Why do my two camcorders each use a different USB connector? Why does my Printer use yet a third USB connector? Why do two devices with essentially the same input voltage/amperage not have compatible chargers? Well, I know the answer (replacement cord sales = pure profit), but that don't mean I like it.

Suck it, Palm, Apple, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Sanyo, MS, LG, Motorola, etc. etc. etc. etc.