The Adidas Phone (With Help From Samsung)

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If we told you to picture a phone with the Adidas branding on it, would you picture something spectacular, or something more along the lines of a 2-megapixel slider with FM radio, MP3 player and an EDGE connection? Right. At least the phone, manufactured by Samsung, has actual sport functionality with a pedometer and heart-rate meter. With that kind of equipment, this phone could have been a Nike+iPod Sport Kit and a cellphone all in one—something we're still eagerly awaiting. [GSMHelpDesk via Crunchgear]




@92BuickLeSabre: hahahahahaha, but at the very least they should include run DMC ringtones. MY, A, DIDAS!

and the phone looks fresh and clean, but as proven by the iPhone, EDGE's slow-ass speeds can make a good looking phone perform really badly. and a 2 megapixel camera is more than fuckin' enough.....i still shoot at 800x600 with my phone, and my DSLR is only 2.5 megapixels, haha. but that EDGE connection is inxcusable.