The All-Out Supernatural Cheese Rampage We've All Been Waiting For

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The first trailer for The Apparition looks so relentlessly cheesetastic, we can hardly stand it. This movie has everything: feckless scientific researchers who set out to prove that you can summon supernatural entities with the power of the mind, a monster that is sort of like a virus and sort of like a ghost, and a silly rule: "As soon as you believe in it, you die."

Can Draco Malfoy save us all from the ghosty monster that these scientists brought into the world by tampering with forces that were never meant to be yadda yadda...? We can't wait to find out! One thing's for sure, though... in a world of Paranormal Activity wannabes and movies full of slow, treacly buildup, this looks like a magnificently fast and unrestrained monster mash.