The Alternate History of Gundam In World War II

In the alternate history of Project Arbeiter, it's 1943 and the Nazis have invented the ultimate weapon: Mobile armor suits. But the allies have stolen the tech. And now it's a mobile suit mano a mano to win the war.

I'm not sure if the plot is enough to sustain a feature, but this trailer looks so gorgeous that I'd be willing to pay to find out. And that's just what the filmmakers are hoping for: They're using this kickass trailer and basic "one man in mobile armor fights for the free world" trope to raise money to finish the movie.


If you give money, it's not too late to insist that the mobile suit be giant. I think we can all agree that giant mobile armor is more badass than regular mobile armor.

UPDATE: The filmmakers have contacted me with some seriously bad news. This armor is only for making its wearer invisible. And it's not giant. WTF.

Find out more about the movie on the Project Arbeiter website.



After watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn this week, I was expecting a giant mobile powered suit... all I got was DISAPPOINTMENT =/